About KIF

All activities are based on our core values: fairness, gender equity and visibility. We work to put focus on women in physics by aiming our activities to students, academic staff, management, and political influencers within science.

We inform about relevant topics and political initiatives that affect the professional work of women in physics. We support initiatives that include improvement of the work conditions for women in physics.

We create visibility via digital and social media. It provides unique insight into the work life of a female physicist and helps to break down prejudice and promote awareness.

We create network for women across industries and workplaces. Many female physicists have few female colleagues, and by bringing together our members via KIF Events, it is possible to find like-minded sparring partners.

We collaborate with universities and private companies, and we are part of the Nordic initiative Nordic Network for Diversity in Physics. KIF is a part of Danish Physical Society (DFS) and is supported financially with 10,000 DKK per year.

Download out flyer here as PDF.

KIF Board 2018/19

KIF is managed by a board of 5-10 members who are elected for one year at a time at the general assembly. Board members may be reelected. Currently, the board consists of:


Maren Malling – Chair Woman
Mail: maren.malling@gmail.com
Communication team


Mette M-L Grage – Vice Chair
Mail: mmg@vuf.nu
DFS contact (Dansk Fysisk Selskab/Danish Physical Society)
KiF prize


Majken B. E. Christensen
Mail: majken.e.c@gmail.com
Communication team


Corinne Toulouse
Mail: corinne@nbi.ku.dk
Communication team


Heidi Korhonen
Mail: heidi.korhonen@nbi.ku.dk
Finances and Events team


Ane Baden
Mail: anekbaden@gmail.com
Events team


Sara Loric
Mail: sara.z.loric@gmail.com
Events team


Ela Ugur
Mail: elaugurela@gmail.com
Events team

(missing photo of Lais)

Laís Ozelin
Mail: laisozelin@gmail.com
Events team

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