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KIF Library

Here you find suggested reading – reports, statistics and articles – on topics related to gender in physics and STEM in general. If you want to contribute to the list, please email us at mail@kvinderifysik.dk.

European Commission

She Figures is published by the European Commission every three years since 2003 and shows statistics and indicators of gender in research and innovation.

European Parliament – FEMM committee

UN Women

The National Girls Collaborative project (US)

International Science Council

This book reports on a three-year project (2017–2019) funded by the International Science Council and involving eleven scientific partner organizations.

The National Academies of Sciences Engineering and Medicine

Sexism Edu – a Danish Initiative across Universities

Uddannelses- og Forskningsministeriet

Udgiver Danmarks talentbarometer – mænd og kvinder på de danske universiteter

VILLUM FONDENs program for børn, unge og science

Engineer the Future:

Gender research articles:

Recommended books: