I am a Ph.D. student in the Applied Nano-optics group in the NANOMADE section at DTU Physics. In NANOMADE we are investigating different materials, and how we can engineer them at the nanoscale to have exactly the properties we need. In the Applied Nano-optics group we are specifically focused on engineering materials for different optical applications, i.e., visible light manipulation.

Light can be redirected and guided according to our needs using classical optical elements such as lenses and mirrors. However, for many applications these elements must be quite large, which leads to very large products and setups in the end. Our work focuses on using nanostructures on the same scale as the wavelength of light, made from high refractive-index, dielectric materials, to manipulate the light. By designing surfaces filled with these nanostructures, so called metasurfaces, we can design custom, ultra-thin, optical elements, e.g., a focusing lens.

In my Ph.D. project I work specifically with designing metasurfaces that work with LED light sources. Today LEDS are used in almost all everyday lighting applications, due to their small size and low energy consumption. Our aim is to design metasurfaces to further miniaturize finished lighting products and light sources, to save both resources and energy in a wide range of lighting applications.