I started my Ph.D. at the Center for Hybrid Quantum Networks (Hy-Q) at Copenhagen University in August 2022. In the quantum optomechanics subgroup, we look at mechanical systems deep in the quantum regime. With our specially engineered membranes, we can investigate different quantum properties on large mechanical objects. I enjoy working in my lab making quantum mechanics visible, doing experiments, analyzing data, and programming devices. In my project, we would like to couple (create interaction) one of those mechanical macroscopic membranes to a spin quantum state which acts as a sensor to detect quantum effects in the membrane. For this purpose, we use a nitrogen-vacancy (NV) color center in diamond as the spin system whose spin state is very sensitive to surrounding electromagnetic fields. Our collaborators can grow nanomagnets on our membranes. This creates a changing magnetic field when the membrane oscillates. Due to the coupling between the spin system and the membrane, the signature of the motion of the mechanical membrane gets imprinted on the spin system and vice versa. This is one approach to enter a regime previously unattained in quantum optomechanics, which could ultimately lead to the generation of non-classical states of motion in a millimeter-sized membrane.