American inventor Joy Mangano defied all odds and created a business imperium from scratch starting with her revolutionary invention Miracle Mop, but along the way, she encouterered many obstacles and objections. With sparkling intensity, Jennifer Lawrence plays the main character in the biographical movie ‘Joy’.

After the film, KIF and High5Girls will host a panel discussion with female entrepreneurs who will talk about their experiences, challenges and successes.

Everyone agrees that Denmark needs innovation, but still only 5% of Danish women aged 18-64 become new entrepreneurs. This is below the OECD average of 8.4%. Only 27% of Danish entrepreneurs are women, and female startup teams only receive 1% of the total financing in Denmark.

Join us to hear the panel discuss what can be done to increase the number of women entrepreneurs.

Panelists are:

⭐ Anne Lyck Smitshuysen, Fuel Cell Specialist, Partner, Industrial PhD Fellow, DynElectro

⭐ Desiree Della Monica Ferreira, Senior Scientist, DTU Space, Chief Business Officer, CHEXS

⭐Marianne Andersen, CEO CoInsights APS, Founder High5Girls

Please note: The panel discussion will be in Danish

Tickets are booked directly with Cinemateket

Date: Wednesday, April 26

Time: 18:00-21:00

Location: Cinemateket, Gothersgade 55, 1123 København