⭐ Winnie Edith Svendsen is Professor in Innovation and Micro and Nanotechnological Bioanalytical Systems at DTU

⭐ Winnie was part of KIF from the beginning in 1992 and sat on the KIF Board from 1999 to 2014

Brief description of your work:

I have extensive experience in working with interdisciplinary research and innovation. The major research focus is on Micro and Nano integrated system for Bio-Medical application. In the early days of nanotechnology, I recognized the potential in combining novel micro and nanotechnology in biomedical research, initially by detecting and manipulating DNA, later expanding this to biomarkers for disease diagnosis and monitoring (cancer, diabetes, thyroid, sepsis etc.) To achieve groundbreaking results, the research focus is on fundamental investigation of the physical properties of biological materials, investigation of the surface functionality applied to micro and nano sensor technology, and microfluidic sample handling of biological material.

Recently the focus has been on integrating the lab on chip system into point of care systems for diagnostic and monitoring. This includes microfluidic sample handling solutions, from whole blood to nasal swaps, using lateral flow devices together with novel sensor technology, such as colorimetric, electrochemical or optical sensor, all with electrical readout for wireless connection with smartphones or laptops, including deeptech smart data management using artificial intelligence.  This work has led to several innovative project and spin out companies, the latest spin out company being Hei Therapeutic. With this company, I have taken part in a one-year Innovation Sprint developed by the Bio Innovation Institute, maturing my expertise in taking a research project all the way to innovation, business development and product.

What is the best career advice you ever got?

Focus on the work you really love to do, then everything else will come 😊

In celebration of KIF’s 30 Anniversary in 2022, we present a lineup of short profiles of some of the former board members who have helped build and shape KIF over the years. These women are excellent role models who show some of the many careers that are possible with a physics background.