Laís Ozelin de Lima Pimentel is a construction data specialist at Ørsted. She graduated with a Ph.D in physics from the University of Copenhagen.

Please give a description of the work you do in your current position.

My team is a data and analytics group within construction of offshore windfarms and was created to improve how we use data in offshore construction. My tasks involve ensuring data collection of construction progress, analyzing these data and help people use the information in smarter ways. We are also interested in all possible data sources related to the construction process and in withdrawing all the information we can from them. I am the main data science developer in my team, so I help optimizing data collection processes, develop dashboards and web applications to show what we can do with all our data.

How do you draw on the skills you learned as a physicist or engineer in your work?

In a data science job, we have to be analytical, eager to explore and go further, which are skills we learn in our academic journey. I can easily apply what I learned about analyzing data and producing trustworthy results. I also learned how to learn in academia, how to always go after new knowledge, and this is definitely something that helps me constantly.

What made you decide to pursue a career in the private industry?

I did not see a happy future in academia, I was very unsatisfied with the academic environment and very burned out. Even though I love science and research, I decided to try different paths, and I haven’t regretted doing that!

What motivated you to study physics or engineering in the first place?

I was good in math and physics! (haha) I was always a girl of sciences, but I wanted to study medicine initially. When I figured out that working with people in that way was not something for me, I tried going for Physics because… why not? And I loved it!

What advice would you give to young people (in particular women and minorities) who would like to pursue a career in the private industry?

Be confident and show confidence! Even if you don’t believe it, just fake it. You are probably very capable and skilled, so don’t undermine yourself. Find what kind of jobs and areas that motivate you and don’t be afraid to apply and tell them how awesome you are.