You are once again invited to join us for an event focused on networking and inspiration – all from the comfort of your home or office.

During times like these, we need to build and strengthen our professional networks, even if we cannot meet in person. KIF has therefore launched a series of virtual events to bring together people in the physical sciences from across universities in Denmark, as well as from the private industry.

At each network event, we facilitate networking in small breakout groups, where you will get a chance to meet and talk to other physicists.

The invited speaker for this event is Thea Kozakis, who is an astrophysicist/astrobiologist at DTU Space. She will talk about her research in exoplanet atmospheres

Title: Biosignatures and the Search for Life in the Universe  

Description: We currently stand on the edge of an era where for the first time in human history we will be able to understand the atmospheres of distant worlds, putting us on the path to answer one of humanity’s most compelling questions: are we alone in the Universe? Since their first discovery in the early 1990’s, over 4,000 planets around other stars, commonly known as exoplanets, have been found, with more being discovered every day. The launch of the James Webb Space Telescope (scheduled for late 2021) will give us the opportunity to begin to characterize the atmospheres of Earth-sized exoplanets and search for signs of life, often called “biosignatures”.  In this talk I will discuss what potential biosignatures could be, how we might be able to detect them, and what the search for life may look like around different types of stars.

Location: Zoom, and in the comfort of your home or office
Date: Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021
Time: 19.30-21:00

Participation is free, but registration is necessary.