On December 14th, we had the first KIF Network virtual event bringing together KIF members from across Denmark. The wonderful networking meeting was hosted by board member, Louise Kindt. The event was composed of two parts: getting to know each other and a scientific presentation.

We had lovely moments getting to know each other in small break out rooms: interviewing each other on our scientific background, our curiosities outside of physics, and about ourselves, along with doing our best as cartoonists.   

The scientific talk was presented by Shaeema Zaman Ahmed, who is a PhD student at Department of Physics and Astronomy from Aarhus University. She spoke about the  use and impact of quantum games and simulation tools in quantum physics, education and outreach. We had the opportunity of doing a quick science communication exercise: attempting to explain what we study or our love for physics in 15 seconds (it was harder than it sounds)!

This event was just the first of a series to help bring the community together, even while we are social distancing. All KIF members, men and women, are welcome to join our next online event from the safety of your own home. We had a wonderful time learning and getting to know you all! We hope to see you again in our next meeting that will soon be advertised via our various KIF platforms.