Corinne Toulouse, KIF board member and communication specialist, passed away on Sunday the 20th of October 2019

It is with great sadness that we much too soon must say goodbye to our dear friend and KIF board member Corinne Toulouse.

Corinne was a strong force behind the KIF (Women in Physics Denmark) we have today. Her professional background was in communication, PR and marketing. She had worked in Germany and France before coming to Denmark to begin her work at DARK Cosmology Centre at Copenhagen University 10 years ago.

Corinne was a dearly valued member of KIF – both in the community and on the board. She created the current logo for KIF and was the initiator of the Out of the shadows-motto 3 years ago, that provided a new identity and strengthened purpose to KIF: Bringing women into the light. She strongly believed that all women should be heard and she went to great lengths to create awareness on the equality of genders, not only in physics but in general.

She took the necessary discussions and put in the long hours to ensure we would all move forward in our work. Corinne had the courage and strength that many of us admire and look up to. KIF is a voluntary organization and Corinne’s spirit was, and still is, a significant motivation for many of us.

Words are poor and can never capture the kindness, commitment, humor and competence that you held and shared with your surroundings. Thank you for being you. You will live on in our consciousness.

Corinne, you are forever remembered and forever missed.