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KIF Prize 2019

The KIF Prize 2019 is awarded to cand.scient. Christina Toldbo

Christina is awared the prize for her commitment to science education and outreach and for being a role model in physics for girls and young women.

Read an interview with Christina below the photo.

I think this award helps to show that there are many different ways to be a physicist.

Christina Toldbo
Christina Toldbo (left) was awarded the KIF Prize 2019 on October 8, 2019 in Copenhagen. To the right is KIF vice-chairwoman Mette Grage after handing over the flowers. Credit: Majken Christensen.

Why is this award important for you?

“The award is important to me because of two things: First of all, it is an honor to get the award when I know there are so many impressive and hard working women in physics. Secondly, I think it is an acknowledgment that it is okay to not know your path from the beginning. My “path” has been built step by step from following what I thought was interesting at the moment, and it includes what some people may regard as “detours”. But it is important to experience a lot of different things and explore the wide spectrum of science – to me, the most interesting thing about physics are the boundaries where it touches and merges with other fields. So, I think this award helps to show that there are many different ways to be a physicist and that no “detour” is wasted.”

Which changes would you like to see in the future for girls and women in physics?

“I would like if one day it is assumed that a physicist might just as well be a woman as a man. On a shorter term, I would like a bigger focus on how interdisciplinary science works, and for schools and universities to offer flexibility in their educational programs. I think that if the academic world opens up to different ways of working and start to value different skill-sets and talents then what tradition dictates, more women (and men) would thrive.”

How will you continue your work to inspire girls and young women in physics?

“I will try to be and do what others have been and done to me. My professors and teachers always had time for me – to inspire and teach me and to challenge me. I, too, will strive to always have time and I will go out and give lectures and tell and show everyone that there are many ways of being a physicist or studying science… and of course how many cool things you can do within physics!”