Kvinder i Fysik

Fairness Equity Visibility

Become a member – it’s free

Why join KIF?

By becoming a member of KIF, you gain access to a network of other women in your field. We work for fairness, equity and visibility of women in physics, particularly in academia. You will be invited to events and interesting talks related to our activities, as well as the annual meeting. We believe there is strength in numbers, and we particularly encourage all female physicists to join us as members. Membership of KIF is free of charge.

Read our articles of association here as PDF (in Danish).

To become a member and to sign up for our newsletter, please fill out this form.

Who can join?

Members: Female members of DFS (Danish Pysical Society/Dansk Fysisk Selskab) can become members of KIF. Women who are not members of DFS, but who are associated to physics, can also become members.

Support members: Everyone can become a support member. Support members can participate in the events and activities of KIF and receive the newsletter, but are not eligible to become board members.